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Today is an important day in Japan. Tens of thousands of senior high school students will sit entrance exams for the country’s top state universities. When the students’ mothers pack their lunchboxes this morning, they must ensure that the food is not only healthy, but that it sends out the right signals. Thus small chewy sweets called Hi-Lemon are a firm favourite. When read in Japanese, the name sounds like hairerumon, which conveniently means ‘he can get in’. Nestle, the Swiss food giant, enjoys a roaring trade in Kit-Kats during exams because in Japanese, the phrase kitto katsu means ‘you will win without fail’. Why do particular products become popular in Japan during entrance exams?

When Leslie started ninth grade, 

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In eighth grade I was diagnosed with epilepsy. Up until that time I was on high honor roll. I never really had to study; learning just came naturally. I would hear information in class and remember it.But when they put me on all these different medications for epilepsy, I didn’t grasp information like I used to, so my grades went down. I started ninth grade taking three honors classes and one college prep class, which was well above what everybody else was doing. However, because things didn’t come to me the way they used to, I wasn’t able to hold on to all of my classes. It was really hard because my classes and my grades - that was me. I thought, Okay, I’m smart, and I have all the potential; but when I couldn’t do the work I used to do, it really brought me down. My mom just kept telling me. if you try hard, you can do this. So I kept trying I kept trying, I kept trying. And I have been able to bring my grades back up. Just this past August they took me off my medicine and I’m fine now.

What happened to Leslie when doctors put her on medications for her illness?

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Daryl Sahara and Alexa Vega play a brother and sister in the new movie Spy Kids. Off screen they acted like real siblings. “We always fought,” Alexa, 12, says. “But it was play-fighting, normal brother-sister stuff.”Both say the most fun part of making the movie was “flying,” and the coolest thing about playing spies was “the gadgets!” Daryl, 8, has a twin brother in real life. He says that working with Alexa made him “want to have a sister.” Daryl will get his wish in the movies, he and Alexa will team up again in Spy Kids 2.

According to the text what can be said about Daryl?

Nowadays, some modern ‘lollipop ladies’ also ...

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In 1953 most schoolchildren walked to school. For this reason, school crossing patrols were introduced. A ‘patrol’ consists of an adult wearing a bright, waterproof coat and carrying a red-and-white stick with a circular sign at the top which reads STOP CHILDREN. Armed with this ‘lollipop’, the adult walks out into the middle of the road, stops the traffic and allows children to cross. ‘Lollipop ladies’ (80% of them are women) are a familiar part of the British landscape. But since the 1980s they have become a species in decline. So many children are now driven to school by car that local authorities are less willing to spend money on them. However, because there are more cars than there used to be, those children who are not driven to school need them more than ever. The modern lollipop lady has survived by going commercial! In 1993 Volkswagen signed a deal to dress London’s 1000 lollipop ladies in coats which bear the company’s logo. Many other local authorities in the country arranged similar deals. 

The main purpose of the ‘lollipop lady’ is to ...

On the basis of the given passage. The native land and its people have always been in the centre of Uzbek tales. Well-known is the story by Alisher Navoi, the Uzbek poet and philosopher, and his beloved Guli. Some of the tales are based on the widely known lyrical poems “Farkhad and Shirin”, “Takhir and Zukhra”. A favorite folk character is Nasriddin Afandi, the merry and cunning wit who is present in folk tales all over the East Tales as one of the genres of modern literature are very popular not only with the children but also with the adults.They serve as the basis for feature films and animated cartoons, stage productions and ballets.

Folklore tales are very popular at present because ...

Choose the best answer according to the text.

Sarah Gale sells beauty aids. She is a saleswoman. She goes to house and knocks on the door. She tells the woman of the house about her beauty aids. Many women want to be beautiful. They are interested in her beauty aids.

Sarah sells ...

Choose the right answer.

Leonardo was born in 1452 on his father’s family estate in Vinci. His father was a Florentine notary and landlord. His mother was a young peasant woman. Leonardo grew up in his father’s house and received the usual elementary education of that day. But at the age of 15 his father took him to a renowned workshop of Andrea del Verrocchio. There he received a many-sided training that included not only painting and sculpture but the technical-mechanical arts as well. He was accepted in the painters’ guild of Florence in 1472. His superb intellect, his unusual powers of observation and his mastery of the art made him the man of genius of Renaissance and Humanism. Leonardo was taken to a renowned ... at the age of 15.

Kathy is looking for a job. She has applied for a position as a reporter. She has filled out an application, and she has given it to the man at the desk-the interviewer.

What is Kathy?

Complete the text.

Aristotle, the great philosopher, summed up the four chief qualities of money about 2000 years ago. It must be lasting and easy to recognize, to divide and to carry about. In other words, it must be durable, distinct, divisible and portable, when we think of money today we picture it either as round, flat pieces of metal which we call coins, or as printed paper notes. But there are still parts of the world today where coins and notes aren’t used. They will buy nothing, and a traveler might starve, that is die of hunger, if he had none of the special local money to exchange for food.

Aristotle said money should be ...

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“Why didn’t the patient come to the doctor to spend an evening with him?”

A doctor, whose handwriting was very difficult to understand sent a message to his patient inviting him to spend an evening together. He wrote that there would be music, cards and so on. The patient didn’t come. When the doctor met him the following day he asked him if he had received his message. “Yes, thank you”, answered the patient. “I took it to the chemist’s and bought some medicine with it. I feel much better now.’’

Choose what advice people gave Janet.

Janet married Mark two years ago. He gave her a very expensive diamond ring for marriage. When she got back from her honeymoon she realized that she had lost her ring.

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Leslie’s parents moved to a house in the Hollywood hills in 1943 because they wanted their own home. Her father, Stan, had started his jazz band the same mouth that she’d been born, in 1941 and over three years he had become so successful that they could afford to buy a place. The house was beautifully built in an American colonial style on three levels. Situated at the top of a mountain, it looked directly over Los Angeles basin. There was a beautiful rose garden by the front door and the back garden was full of fruit and vegetables. The house was very elegant, rather like a New York apartment, and mainly decorated in white.Her mother filled it with antique furniture that she bought cheaply. The living room featured a fireplace and Georgian windows on three sides. The dining room was formal, with a mahogany French-polished table. She loved the house. It became a friend to her and enriched her life.

Leslie describes the house ...

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Up until more than 100 years ago, newspapers in the United States appealed only to the most serious readers. There were no illustrations and articles were about politics or business. Two men changed that. One of them is Joseph Pultzer of the New York World. Pultzer bought the New York World in 1883. He changed it from a traditional newspaper into a very exciting one overnight. He added lots of illustrations and cartoons. He told his reporters to write articles on every crime or scandal they could find.And they did. One of them even pretended she was mad and was taken to mental hospital. Then she wrote a series of articles about the poor treatment of patients in those hospitals. Pultzer did anything he could to sell newspapers. After 1883 newspapers ...

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One of the most facilitating things about television is the size of audience. A popular TV show might have 70 million viewers. TV can make anything or anyone well-known overnight. This is the principle behind “quiz” or “game” shows, which put ordinary people on TV to play a game for prizes and money. A quiz show can make anyone a star, and it can give away thousands of dollars just for fun. But all of this money may create problems. For example, quiz shows were very popular in the US half a century ago. Charles Van Doren, an English instructor became rich and famous after winning money on several shows. He even had a career as a television personality. But one of the losers proved that Van Doren was cheating. It turned out that the show’s producers gave the answers to the most popular contestants beforehand. Why? Because if the audience didn’t like the person who won the game, they made the show stop. The result of this cheating was a huge scandal.

Charles Van Doren became well-known by ...

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A. B. Nobel, a Swedish inventor, gave most of his vast fortune in trust as a fund from which annual prizes could be awarded to the individuals and organizations who had achieved the greatest benefit to humanity in a particular year, in the field of chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and international peace.In 1969 a prize for economics was added by Central Bank of Sweden. All candidates for the prizes are selected by the Royal Swedish Academy, and by the Norwegian Nobel Committee. The prizes are usually presented in Stockholm on December 10 with the king of Sweden officiating a tribute to Nobel on the anniversary of his death. Each prize includes a gold medal, a diploma and a cash award of about one million dollars. How often are the Nobel prizes awarded?

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As pupils across England are urged to nominate their most inspirational teachers for the Teaching Awards 2003, a youth poll conducted by the Teaching Awards Trust had found that youngsters’ ideal teachers are David Beckham or R’n’B star Nelly, who each scored nearly a quarter of the votes. Rachel from S-club drew the boys’ attention with 18% dreaming for her at the front of the classroom, while Tony Blair and Prince Charles scraped 4% between them. More than 1.000 children aged 9-12 from England, Wales and Northern Ireland took part in the survey. The children were asked if they would like to be a teacher themselves. Only 31% of them answered positively. Reasons for not wanting to teach included “it’s a stress job”, “low pay” and “misbehaving kids”. Rebecca Smithers, a journalist, thinks that it is too right.

The pupils across England were told to ...

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Brian Thomas, a finance director from Kenilworth, Warwickshire, was expecting a quiet birthday. He was 41. He planned breakfast in bed and a meal out with his friends. Alison brought him his breakfast and several birthday cards and presents on the tray. He began to open them. Finally, at the bottom of the tray was a plain envelope. Intrigued, he opened it and read: “Congratulations: you have won The Sunday Times BMW Z8 competition”. That note was from Alison, his girlfriend. He thought that she was joking. But it wasn’t a joke. Alison had been phoned the previous day and told of the result, but had kept the win secret.That was a lucky week for Thomas, as he had also won 10 pounds on the lottery, and been invited for two interviews for new jobs.

Brian Thomas was lucky because he ...

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A Londoner who was going to the West of England for a holiday, arrived by train at a town, and found that it was pouring. He called a porter to carry his bags to a taxi. On the way out of the station, partly to make a conversation and partly to get a local opinion about the weather prospects for his holiday, he asked the porter: “How long has it been raining like this?” “I don’t know, sir, I’ve only been here for fifteen years”, was the reply.

Why did the Londoner ask the porter about the weather?

Choose the best answer.

Bears may look friendly, but they can be very dangerous. Bears that have been frightened or attacked will fight fiercely. They have sharp claws which they use to fight. They may also use their teeth. Bears are large, strong animals. They can defend themselves well. According to the passage bears ...

Choose the best answer.

The early Native Americans hunted buffalo, but they did not hunt for sport. The Indians used every buffalo they killed. They cooked and ate the meat. They made clothing, tepees, containers and even boats from buffalo hides. They made tools from buffalo bones. Native Americans did not waste any part of a buffalo killed.

This passage tells us that...

Choose the best answer.

A professor met his friend in the street one day. “I heard you had died,” he exclaimed.The friend smiled at these words. “But you see I am alive,” he said. “That’s impossible,” said the professor. “The man who told me is much more reliable than you are”.

This text is ...

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The first Olympic Games were held in Greece in 776 B.C. They were to honour the Greek’s God, Zeus. The warm climate for outdoor games, the need for preparedness for war and their lifestyle made the Greeks create competitive sports. At first only the elite and military could take part in the Olympic Games. But later they were open to all Greeks. Competitions in running, jumping, boxing and hone racing were held in cities and the winners competed in the Olympic Game every 4 years. Winners were honoured by placing olive wreaths on their heads and singing songs about their strength. Originally these sport competitions were the games of friendship and any wars were stopped to allow the games to take place. They coincided with religious holidays and were a part of an all-out effort to please the gods. Those who broke the miles were seriously punished.

The first Olympic Games were ...

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The new constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan was adopted on December 8, 1992. It defines the rights and duties of the people living in Uzbekistan. Article 1 of the Constitution says that Uzbekistan is a sovereign democratic republic. All citizens of the republic men and women of all nationalities enjoy equal rights in all spheres of life. Article 37 guarantees the right to work and to choose profession.All citizens have the right to rest. There is a wide network of sanatoriums, rest homes, holiday centres and clubs where people can have a good rest. Article 39 guarantees pensions for the people who are ill and unable to work. The right to education is guaranteed by Article 41. It gives the right to free secondary education. The students of technical schools, institutes and Universities receive scholarships. At the same time the Constitution imposes some serious duties on the citizens. Our duty is to get good knowledge, to become qualified specialists and worthy citizens of our republic.

What is meant by “in all spheres of life”?

Choose the best answer.

The bride was not pretty, nor was she very young. She wore a blue dress. The careless looks of other passengers of the train made her blush, giving her a colour which was strange to see on her plain face, with its calm, almost emotionless lines.

What was the brides face like?

Choose the best answer.

A newly married couple had got on the train at San Ontario. The man’s face was reddened from many days in the wind and the sun. He was wearing new black clothes and from time to time looked down respectfully at them. He sat with a hand on each knee, like a man waiting in a barber’s shop. He occasionally looked at other passengers in shy way.

Why was the man so concerned about his clothes?

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Many English words come from Latin, the old language of Rome, and also from old Greek. From Latin we get words like “wine”, “use” and “day”. From Greek we have word such as “photograph”. ... Because these two languages are dead the words have most often come through other languages such as French or the old German languages. There are also many words from both Greek and Latin together- “television” for example. Here “tele” is Greek for “far” and “vision” comes from Latin and means “seeing”.

What language did old Romans speak?

Choose the best answer.

Which of the following does the doctor do?

Complete the sentence according to the text.

Not many people ....