Title of the text mavzusidan test savollari

Choose the appropriate title to the text.

Of all things I had learnt at Blundell School only two remained with me: one was the trick of catching fish, the other was the art of swimming. And indeed, they have a very cruel way of teaching children to swim there. The big boys take the little boys and throw them down, one after another, into a deep pool in the river and watch them go to-the bottom. When they come up, they begin to struggle with much blowing and bubbling. It is a fine sight to watch when you know there is a little danger. As for me they had no need to throw me more than once because I jumped in myself, having had some practice in the Lynn Stream.

Choose the title for the joke.

After the honey-moon the first morning the husband got up early. He went down to the kitchen and brought his wife her breakfast in bed. She was very glad. When breakfast was over, her husband said: “Have you noticed what I have done?” “Of course, my dear, every detail of it,” was the answer.“Good. That’s how I want you to serve me my breakfast every morning”.

Choose the right title to the story.

One of the sights of London is the Horse Guards. The “Horse Guards” means both the 18th century building in the street called Whitehall and the queen’s cavalry. The building is at the back of a very large closed square called the Horse Guards parade. Every day people come to see the Horse Guards. This is an interesting ceremony to watch.

Choose the sentence expressing the main idea of the text.

During the second World War Uzbek people gave a warm welcome to families evacuated from the occupied regions of the Ukraine, Byelorussia, Moldavia and western and central parts of Russia. Uzbekistan became their second home and the Uzbeks their close and true friends. The hospitality of our people got a new meaning in that period of time. Mutual assistance has developed into a tradition which is handed down from generation to generation.

Choose the appropriate title to the text.

In the Himalayas people cut down forests simply because there are a lot of people who need firewood to keep warm. And so they cut down huge hillsides in few-years. The left fertile Himalayan hills naked, unprotected from the heavy rains. The trees were umbrellas, and now the rain washes out the good soil, which ends up as nude a thousand miles away from the channels of the river Ganges.

Choose the appropriate title for the passage.

Although dinosaurs have long captured man’s imagination, no human ever saw one. For over one hundred million years dinosaurs roamed the earth, but for some unknown reason, they perished seventy million years ago, years before man appeared. There are several theories as to why the giants disappeared. Some scientists believe that the earth became too cold; others believe that it became too dry; still others argue that smaller mammals ate the dinosaur eggs before they had an opportunity to hatch. Whatever the reason, their great bodies sank into the mud where slowly the bones, teeth, and even the skin became fossilized. Today huge stone footprints and enormous skeletal structures are the only record we have of their mysterious existence.

Choose the suitable title to the text.

We live on the earth. It is very, very big. There is a lot of water on the earth. It is in rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. There are a lot of forests and fields and hills, mountains on it. The earth is full of wonders.

Choose the title to the text.

The captain of the ship calls out, “Who is below?” A ship’s boy answers, “It’s me, it’s Billy, sir.” “What are you doing there, Billy?”“I am doing ... nothing, sir.” “Is Tom there?” “Yes, sir, here I am.” “What on earth are you doing there?” “I am helping Billy, sir.”

Choose the title to the text.

A painter drawing the portrait of a lady noticed that when he was working at her face she was trying to make her mouth smaller by pursing if. “Do not put yourself to so much trouble, dear madam!” exclaimed the painter “Don’t purse your pretty lips. To please you I can draw your face without any mouth at all”.

Choose the appropriate title to the text.

The Browns were there to meet their daughter Judy, who was coming home from school for the holidays. It was a warm summer day and the station was crowded with people on their way to the seaside. Train were whistling, taxis hooting, porters rushing about shouting at one another, and altogether there” was so much noise that Mr. Brown, who saw the bear first, had to tell his wife several times before she understood.

Read the text and choose the sentence that gives the main idea of it.

In 1920, a Detroit policeman named William L. Potts worked out an electric light system that allowed him to control three street intersections from one tower. He picked the colours red, yellow and green because railroads used them.

Choose the best title to the text.

The creatures of the sea spend much time eating or trying to stay alive and not to be eaten by other sea creatures. It is not easy to stay alive and not to be eaten in such a place as the sea-bed. Almost all sea creatures are meat eaters, except the very smallest animals.Now you can well understand that sea creatures have “invented” and developed many interesting ways of defending themselves from their enemies. First of all, the size of the creature plays a role in its struggle to stay alive.Some fish have developed great speed of swimming. Many of the bottom creatures have hard shells which they “shut” when danger is coming. Colour helps sea creatures in their struggle against their enemies at every level of sea life.

Choose the right title to the text.

A young author has just managed to publish his first short story. He is so full of his success that he can’t help boasting of it to everybody around. For more than half an hour he has been talking about it to the head of the publishing- house. At last he thinks it fit to apologise. “Sir”, he says to the old man. “I hope I haven’t been intruding upon your time and attention?” “Not at all, not at all, I assure you”, replies the old man absent-mindedly, “I’ve been thinking of something else”.

Choose the appropriate title to the joke.

Father: You know that mother is very angry when you get bad marks at school.

Son: Well, it’s not me who is to blame, for it’s the teacher who puts bad marks.

Choose the appropriate title to the joke.

A wealthy man who is very fond of joking asks his family physician to give him some medicine that will cure him of sleeping with his mouth open. “Your disease is incurable,” says the doctor, quick to see a joke. “Your skin is too short; when you shut your eyes, you can’t help opening your mouth.”

Which proverb would be the best title to the passage?

Police officer: “I don’t understand you, Mr. Dobbins. You are offered a large sum of money and a comfortable position. Give us the names of the strike leaders”.

John Dobbins: “I suppose you cannot understand it. There are things in the world much more important for a working man than money”.

Which proverb would be the best title to the following passage?

Oneday J.K. J. went to the Haymarket Store. There were a lot of dogs in the lobby waiting for the return of their owners, who were shopping inside. All the dogs were patient and good. Then a young lady entered leading a little fox-terrier and chained him there. Without a warning the fox-terrier bit “his neighbours on the right and on the left, and in a second the whole lobby was a perfect pandemonium of fighting dogs.

Choose the appropriate title.

One day a man was crossing a river in a small boat. He asked the boatman, if he knew anything about geography. “Oh, no” said the boatman, “I don’t know anything about it”. “I’m sorry for you”, said the man “a quarter of your life is lost”. A few minutes later the man asked the boatman again. “Do you know anything about mathematics?” “Oh, nothing”, said the boatman. “I’m sorry for you, a third quarter of your life is lost”, said the man. At that minute the boat ran on a stone. The boatman jumped up and said, “Can you swim?” “Oh, no”, said the philosopher, “I can’t swim”. “I’m very sorry for you”, said the boatman. “Your whole life is lost. The boat is going down”.

Read the passage and choose the appropriate title.

An Englishman arrived at a hotel in France Above the hotel door hesaw words, “All the languages are spoken in here”. He addressed the administrator in German, Spanish, English and etc. No answer was given. He spoke to clerks in Italian, French and German. Nobody answered. He became nervous and shouted: “Who on earth speaks those languages?”

Choose the appropriate title to the text.

The next man came into the doctor’s consulting room. The doctor was sitting at his table and smoking. As soon as the man saw him, he turned back and left the room. The doctor was surprised and called him back. “Why did you leave the room?” he asked. “Well, you see”, said the man showing the cigar in the doctor’s hand, “how can I trust my health to the person who does not care of his own?” And with these words he left the room.

Choose the best title to the text.

Do you know what food the honey bee eats? We call it “beebread” It’s rather interesting to know how the honey-bee gets “beebread”. After a visit to a flower, a bee is covered with yellow pollen. Then it “cleans” itself. First the bee brushes its head and eyes with its front legs, and then it brushes its front legs and its body with its middle legs. Then with stiff “combs” on one back leg, it gathers the pollen from its middle legs and from the back part of its body. Finally, it packs the pollen in the tiny “baskets” on its back legs. We call these baskets “shopping baskets”.So, the “shopping baskets” are now full of yellow pollen, and the bee flies off to its hive. There in the hive honey-bee unloads the pollen; it brushes the pollen out with its middle legs. It has brought home “bee-bread” for the bees to eat.

Choose the best title to the given joke.

John showed a terrible report card to his father. After reading it his father signed it with an “X”. “Why did you do that? “John asked. “I don’t want the teacher to think that anyone with marks like these has a father who can read and write”, his father replied.

Choose the title to the following joke.

Hotel manager: “You won’t have to pay for your breakfast, because you haven’t eaten it”. Guest: “Splendid! And do you know that I didn’t sleep last night?”

Choose the best title.

Teacher: “Where’s your homework this morning, Albert?”

Albert: “You will never believe this, but on the way to school I made a paper airplane out of it and someone hijacked it to another country.”

Choose the best title.

- Linda, where’s John?

- He’s in the room playing a duet on the piano.

- A duet? How can he play it alone?

- Oh, I played it with him, but I finished my part first.

Choose the appropriate title to the text.

Of all animals the dog is the most companionable and the one best suited to share the life and home of its piaster or mistress as one of the family. This is not surprising for the dog was probably the first animal to be domesticated by man. Throughout countless centuries man and dog have walked together and shared the same food, fire; they hunted side by side, and dog guarded its master’s life and property.

Choose the title to the text.

Recycling is the processing of used objects and materials so that, they can be used again. About 60% of rubbish from homes and factories contain materials that could be recycled. Recycling saves energy and raw materials, and also reduces damage to the countryside. Glass, paper and aluminium cans can all be recycled easily. A lot of paper bags, writing paper and greeting cards are now produced on recycled paper.

Choose the title to the text.

A rich man once asked a learned man why was it that men of science were so often seen at the doors of the rich and rich men very rarely seen at the doors of learned. The scholar answered: “It is because the man of science knows the value of riches and the rich man does not always know the value of science.”

Choose the appropriate title to the dialogue.

John: Can you hear me all right?

Jane: Yes, sir. What’s happening?

John: The robbers are coming up to the shop. They’ve broken the shop window. They are in the shop now. They are opening the safe.

Jane: What are they doing now?

John: They’ve taken all money and going out of a shop.

Jane: Shall I help you, sir?

John: No, I’ve caught them and I’m taking them to the police station.

Choose the appropriate title to the story.

Miss Marple enjoyed her stay in London. She did a lot of things that she had not had the time to do in her other brief visits to the capital. She visited no picture galleries and no museums. Window shopping did not interest her, but she had a splendid time looking at knitting patterns and knitting wool.