Text completion (last sentence of the text) mavzusidan test savollari

Read and choose the right answer.

Dilshod aka had been working at the factory for forty years. He takes his job. He has been ill and taken to hospital recently. According to the Constitution of Uzbekistan he enjoys the right to …

Choose the right answer.

The growing interest of people to preserve medicinal plants is quite understandable, as these plants are very useful for health. They should grow far from chemical factories as they cause trouble for plants. But some local authorities violate the law, and destroy the plants. According to the Constitution of Uzbekistan everyone must protect …

Choose the suitable answer.

In Uzbekistan all the documents at all offices and state bodies are written in Uzbek. Meetings and sessions are held in Uzbek too. But sometimes meetings are conducted in other language. They must be conducted in …

Read and choose the right answer.

The cities and towns are crowded, much of our waste, especially waste from factories is very dangerous. They throw the waste into the rivers. They cause the …

Choose the sentence which logically completes the paragraph.

America’s fruit and vegetable market was not so rich this year. By mid-November, fields which line the California-Mexico border are usually full of ripe fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately, 35% of this year’s crop been lost or left to rat. America’s melon, lettuce, citrus fruit and carrot harvests have all suffered hugely ….

Read the text and choose the best answer.

Al Khorazmiy was a great Uzbek scientist who was born in 783 in Khorazm. His full name was Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Muso. He did his researches in mathematics, astronomy and geography. He enriched the world’s science with his scientific achievements. He wrote more than 20 works and some of them were translated into many languages of the world. The widely used term “algoritm” is the changed version of Al Khorazmiy’s name and the word “algebra” is the changed version of his famous book on mathematics “Aljabr”. Al Khorazmiy’s contribution into the worlds science is …

Complete the text.

Kate and little Ann are in their room. A terrible storm is blowing outside. Kate is looking through the window. She can see a big tree on the ground. She says: “…”

Read the text and complete it.

What greeting did the passengers on the ship Mayflower receive when they landed on the coast of America in 1620? Being passed the vast ocean they had no friends to welcome them nor inns to entertain or refresh their weather beaten bodies; nor houses or much less towns to repair to ….

Complete the text.

The seas are in danger. They are being filled with poison: industrial and nuclear waste, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and sewage. The Mediterranean is already nearly dead; the North Sea is following

Complete the text.

Aristotle, the great philosopher, summed up the four chief qualities of money about 2000 years ago. It must be lasting and easy to recognize, to divide and to carry about. In other words, it must be durable, distinct, divisible and portable, when we think of money today we picture it either as round, flat pieces of metal which we call coins, or as printed paper notes. But there are still parts of the world today where coins and notes aren’t used. They will buy nothing, and a traveler might starve, that is die of hunger, if he had none of the special local money to exchange for food. Aristotle said money should be ….

Choose the brightest sentence to complete the Joke.

Two car drivers met in a very narrow street in London. Neither of them wanted to go back with his car. The first took out a newspaper and began to read it. In an hour the second driver asked politely …

Choose the appropriate sentence to complete the text.

Charles Dickens, the famous English author, said that he could walk down any long street in London and then tell you the name of every shop he had passed …

Choose the appropriate sentence to complete the text.

There are three universal religions: Buddhism, Islam, Christianity. Buddhism is the religion founded by Buddha. Islam is the Mohammedans religion. Christianity is the Christian religion …

Complete the joke.

The teacher said: “Remember! It is better to give than to receive”. A small boy said: “Yes, Miss, my father says he always uses that as his motto in business” “Oh, how good of him! What is his business?” “…, miss”.